POTW for May 6: Logan and HoneySenpaii

Hey everyone, Welcome back to POTW. For 4 weeks now, we’ve been recognizing penguins on CPPS.me who have gone above and beyond in helping other players out. Active or not, helpful players, we appreciate you! Let’s cut right to the chase this time and reveal the Penguins of the week. As usual, one boy and […]

POTW for April 29: Clawz, Preserve

For 3 weeks now, we’ve been continuing to recognize players who go above and beyond in helping other players out. This time, we’re recognizing just Preserve and Clawz! As you might have seen, Preserve has been assisting users with a notification in her status to ask for help if anybody needs it. When a player […]

What do YOU think about CPPS.me?

Earlier today, I surveyed some players about what they think about CPPS.me! We might do one of these again in the future if this becomes popular, but for now let’s not worry about that and get to the survey! Today I’ll be surveying four random players. Those four random players are: zionist, I am Josh, […]

Penguin of the week for 4/22/2016

Welcome back to POTW! In case you’re new to the series, POTW (Penguin of the week) is a series here on the CPPS.me blog that recognizes penguins who have gone above and beyond in helping others throughout CPPS.me services. If you’re not new to the series, welcome back! Let’s get started on this week’s penguin […]

Emoji System Poll

What’s going on everybody, I’m back at it again bringing you something a bit unusual. It’s been a great week for CPPS.me and we’re really enjoying the feedback we have been getting on the blog. Keep it up, guys! As I’m sure many of you recall, I recently made a post about an upcoming feature. […]

Penguin of the week: April 15

Yes, it’s me Camden back at it again with your penguin of the week post! Woop woop. Let’s start. There were actually four penguins of the week this week. Talk about the helpfulness! The four penguins of the week are… (drumroll please). Alaska`, Deku Tree, Chunk and idonutcare! Woo! First Penguin of the week: Deku […]

New Emoji System

What’s going on everybody, it’s GaToR, and I’m back at it again with this weeks upcoming events. Last week I gave you guys a preview of the new CPPS.me jail. Not only did we introduce a great new punishment system, we also brought custom badges to help users differentiate. If you missed last weeks Upcoming […]

Badges, Jail, and Backpacks!

What’s going on everyone, I’m back at it again to bring some exciting news to the CPPS.me community. If you have been keeping up with the blog over the past week or two, you would have seen our last upcoming events post. We discussed a couple new features, notably the new punishment system and badges. […]

Featured Penguins: Help and ItsJazzy

Hello! Welcome to featured penguin posts. Featured penguins is where we recognize players who have gone above and beyond in helping fellow users. <3 (back at it again with the helping hands and the gator references)   First featured penguin: Help Help loves to help others out. In Help’s spare time, he loves to do¬†calculus […]

New: Penguin of the Week

Hey guys! The CPPS.me community has always been filled with interested, helpful penguins who want to be part of making others feel welcome. Acknowledging that, we have decided to incorporate an interactive blog feature called “Penguin of the Week”. Penguin of the Week will be hosted by Camden, a CPPS.me moderator. What is “Penguin of […]