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We love, do you?

Posted 1 year ago

So, what’s up?

So, I’d like to write on behalf of the whole team that I’m really proud of the progress we’ve made recently and what’s going on right now.

Holiday Party

The Holiday Party is here and it’s rocking the game! We’re all off on our holiday break now so I hope you’re all having a good time!

Speed, stability

As I hope most of you have noticed, the speed and stability of the servers has gotten a lot better over the last 2 weeks and it’s continuing to improve. This is one of the biggest things I’m happy about as the amount of errors which were being shown before was unacceptable.


We’re planning on some nameglow giveaways over the next few days to celebrate the holidays; hopefully you’ll get lucky!

Keep an eye on the site, blog and Facebook for more information soon!

What’s next?

There’s a lot of changes in the pipeline and while we can’t promise anything yet, we’re working on some things I’m sure you guys will like. :-).

Get Playing

Join us! We’re waiting.

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Are you getting festive?

Are you getting festive? We’re bringing the holidays to tomorrow!
We’ve also sorted out a lot of the speed, test it out and let us know if you find any bugs here!

Posted 1 year ago

Sled Racing

Sled Racing is now operational! Still working out some kinks, so report a ticket if necessary, but you can now give the ol’ sled race a go with some friends now! :-)

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We’re back

We’re back.

Posted 2 years ago
Well, I was searching my email address and a website called hacktalk had it with my CPPS username, N72K? They included my email and 'password' which wasn't the real one and put my Penguin ID Number.. ? ??
arlonn asked

They got a dump of an older CPPS which was not and claimed it was ours. It was not.

Posted 2 years ago


we’re on our way back. stay tuned within the next few hours.

Posted 2 years ago
What are gonna be the differences from the old Cpps to the new one?
cppsrocks asked

Speed, functionality, and general awesomeness

Posted 2 years ago
Hi there. I'm a blogger that has advertised your blog, but that's not the point. When went back online, I went on my account (Bradyman6), and my mood status said that I was hacked in capital letters. I'm thinking that someone hacked the server, and made it so that you wouldn't know. I may be wrong, but are you sure that the server isn't hacked?
homeforanything asked

I am sure.

Posted 2 years ago
Well I heard about and I want to ask a few questions.. Well do you get all the rare items like pink boa,tiara, etc..Or do you have to buy them?? And is there free membership that you can buy clothes and all that or is there no membership?? (I havent went on yet)
izzyduran asked

There is free membership, yes. You also have unlimited coins and are able to get any item.